As I’ve mentioned, I am a DJ. These days I use a Traktor S2 because it is compact and uses digital files. I still dig using vinyl but it is easy to destroy the more you use it. Plus, it takes up a ton of room in comparison to a controller.

For the past year or two, I’ve been working on tracks for a collection called “My Head is Full of Pigeons”. Having just said that, it is important to note that my titles don’t always make sense or mean anything in particular. In some cases, they are named after something happening around me. This brings us to the song “Bologna Sandwich.”

The title of the song is literally named that because I was eating a bologna sandwich at the time and I didn’t feel like trying to come up with a title.

Killing Crossfaders

On my Musical Weapons page, I’ve mentioned that I have a history of killing crossfaders. Though the Traktor S2 lasted longer than most, it too began dying a couple months ago. I scratch with my left hand so I use my right on the crossfader. This is the vast majority of action I perform, with very little right-handed scratching. I used to be much better with my right hand but over the years my focus has been primarily on the left. This seems to have weakened my effectiveness on the right. All of this is ironic to me because I’m right-handed.

Since the crossfader was having issues and trying to die on the right side, I decided to record a variety of cuts separately to use against a Wartablism instrumental. This resulted in multiple “offs” being left on. Shortly after recording the cuts, the crossfader died completely. In fact, the right side became permanently “on” during the next practice session that followed those cuts. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to try to replace the crossfader or the whole device.

Throwing together a video for the track

When I post music on Facebook, I usually create a video made from images. This time, I decided to fire up Premiere Pro and put a bit more effort into it. I had never really used it before so this was also a learning experience for me.

I was one of the many people who were unhappy when Microsoft decided to pull Movie Maker out of Windows. It was a very easy to use video editor that they decided to replace with Story Remix in the Windows Photos application. I have tried it and though my usage has been limited, I’ve had far more problems with Story Remix than I ever had with Movie Maker.

Premiere Pro took some getting used to and it can be very complicated, but for the most part, it doesn’t have to be. I’m not trying to do much more than splice together various scenes, slice out pieces to remove and add simple transitions like fades. This can be done with many less expensive applications but since I use Creative Cloud, I already have access to Premiere Pro, as well as many other applications I never use. Unfortunately, the pricing structure for Adobe’s applications makes it pointless to buy more than one two applications at the individual rate because you will end up spending more than the price of the suite.

I am looking into the cost of replacing the crossfader, as well as the difficulty involved. I miss the days when you could simply unscrew the crossfader out of the top of the mixer, pull it out and unplug it, then swap in the new one. So far, none of the DJ controllers I’ve looked into have this type of easy to replace crossfader. Instead, you have to disassemble the device in one fashion or another to get the crossfader out.

Right now, Pioneer and Numark are on my radar but I need to look into more reviews to get an idea of how well they work and how easy it is to replace their crossfaders. I like what I’m reading about the new Traktor S2 model but whatever I do, the crossfader needs to be easily replaceable and not so expensive that I’d be better off replacing the whole device. That’s how I went through so many mixers in the past.

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