I’ve been writing code for the last 12+ hours. With a couple dozen tabs open in my browser, another 15 or so open in Notepad++, WinSCP connected to the server, and Crashplan continuing a file backup, I was quite busy.

Note the word was.

I had my hand off the mouse for a couple of minutes while I pulled up the movie U-571 on Crackle when it happened. My screen went black for a few seconds before showing the Toshiba splash screen, followed by a message notifying me that Windows was updating. A warning was never given that my computer was going to reboot, nor was there one that I had an update ready.

This is hugely annoying. Thankfully, a feature was added to Notepad++ a few versions back that caches a copy of what you’re working on whether the file has been saved or not. Without that, I likely would have lost a chunk of the work I’ve been doing all night.

Hopefully this is not normal. I understand that Windows 10 Home Edition has forced updates, but there needs to be a warning and a way to suspend the operation in the event you are doing something important. After running a quick Google search, I see that it does warn you when it needs to restart, but failing to warn you should never happen. I imagine this could have been much worse if I was transferring a large file to the server, burning a DVD, paying a bill, or connected to a VOIP conversation with someone, such as a potential client.

This makes me a bit nervous. The great features of Windows 10 are not worth the potential data loss for a failed warning system.