I’ve finally had enough of my Sharp Aquos Crystal Android phone. The inability to type messages finally got to me a few days ago so I made the switch back to my Windows Phone.

I started to think the issue might be an app, a combination of apps, or something similar, so I wiped the phone out and set it back to factory defaults. Clearly, that was not the issue, but rather the phone itself is. Based on my TV, Sharp has served me well. Based on my phone, I think I’ll stick to someone else.

One of the things I like about the phone is Cortona. There is just something great about Jen Taylor reading text messages to me and telling me to turn left at the next intersection. Personally, I’d really like to play Left 4 Dead with Jen Taylor so I can hear Zoey say things she doesn’t normally say, especially if she threw in some Halo lines. “I don’t think that’s a natural formation. No, actually it’s tank.”

Being back on this phone reminds me of the few weird things I’m not a fan of, like not being able to run and access multiple programs at once or use a flash (this phone doesn’t have one), but it also reminds me of the things I really do like. For instance, I like being able to text message from my Bluetooth.

It’s pretty easy to send a message to some. Just hit the button on your headset and wait for the tone. Tell your phone that you want to text someone. For instance, when texting my friend and business partner, I just say, “Text Jessica” and Cortona confirms it for me. She asks me what I want to say, and I speak the message. She then reads it back to me and asks me if I want to send it or start over. I tell her to send it and she lets me know it’s sent.

When Jessica responds, Cortona lets me know and asks me if I want her to read it or ignore it. If I have her read it, she does just that. I then have the option to respond via voice.

This is a feature I have glued myself to. I had looked for a similar solution for the Android but came up empty. It’s possible that I just needed to tweak my search terms, but never the less I wasn’t able to find what I wanted. Still, I dig this phone a lot, more so for its speed and ease of use than anything else.