My Adventures in Stock and Options Trading

One of the last things I posted was about how I was getting into stock trading. Since then, a few things have happened. For one, I lost money. That happens. You really can’t expect to get into stock trading and not lose any money, especially in the beginning. I’ve had some killer trades over the […]

Doing some theme testing

If you visit this blog more often than I do, you likely have noticed that it now looks pretty different. I’m testing a theme that is currently in the development processes and decided to throw it up here to get a more realistic look at it in a non-dev setup. The purpose of the theme […]

New Music – Bologna Sandwich (scratch track)

As I’ve mentioned, I am a DJ. These days I use a Traktor S2 because it is compact and uses digital files. I still dig using vinyl but it is easy to destroy the more you use it. Plus, it takes up a ton of room in comparison to a controller. For the past year […]

Learning to trade on the stock market

I’ve recently started a new adventure in my life, day and swing trading in the vast ocean of crazy known as the stock market. With a bit of help, self-directed learning, and commission-free trading, I’m attempting to reach a personal goal. And no, it’s not a private jet and a yacht.

Planning my next PC upgrade

My desktop is in need of an upgrade or a complete rebuild. The age is starting to show and it’s time to kick the power up a few dozen notches. Let’s look at what I’m working with now, why I need to upgrade, and what I’m considering.

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