Learning to trade on the stock market

I’ve recently started a new adventure in my life, day and swing trading in the vast ocean of crazy known as the stock market. With a bit of help, self-directed learning, and commission-free trading, I’m attempting to reach a personal goal. And no, it’s not a private jet and a yacht.

Planning my next PC upgrade

My desktop is in need of an upgrade or a complete rebuild. The age is starting to show and it’s time to kick the power up a few dozen notches. Let’s look at what I’m working with now, why I need to upgrade, and what I’m considering.

Boost Mobile’s “thank you” was to credit the wrong phone

I’ve been using Boost Mobile for several years, all the way back to that awesome looking Sanyo flip phone that had the mirrored surface. I still have it around here somewhere. It is one of the several phones I have with Boost Mobile which I no longer use due to upgrading. I went from the Sanyo to the first Samsung Galaxy Prevail model. A couple years later I upgraded to the Nokia Windows Phone, then about a month later to the Sharp Aquos.

The Walking Dead is going to kill Rick Grimes

Update: Having watched the midseason finale, all of the signs of Ricks’s death now make more sense, and they aren’t signaling Rick’s death, but someone else. I’ll give you a hint, if you haven’t seen it yet: lots of people will be really freaking happy. If you watched last night’s Season 8 premiere of the Walking Dead, you were likely confused by a lot of the back and forth flashback/flashforward that was going on. We see Rick in various states of being, one of which is clearly in some kind of serious distress. This all happened around the scenes of […]