Horrorshow – Dead Star Shine

This has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I love the music Horrorshow makes. Dead Star Shine was the song that sold me on them during a late night of checking out Australian hip hop.¬†They are only one among several that caught my attention that night, a night that also exposed me […]


Instead of remaking good movies, Hollywood should focus on remaking bad movies. Get right the ones you made wrong instead of making wrong the ones you made right.

As much as I like Alexandra Daddario, I’m probably not going to watch Baywatch this decade.

Is this the Dawn of Real a la carte TV?

Last month Disney made the announcement that they were planning to remove their content from Netflix and create their own video streaming service. This prompted a lot of feedback all over the web, from happiness to annoyance. On one hand, Netflix members will be losing a lot of popular content and have to subscribe to […]

Digital HD vs a DVD with Digital HD included

So I’m trying to wrap my head around this and so far, have not been able to. I’m a fan of the Alien series and now that Alien: Covenant is available on Digital HD via Vudu and Amazon, I’ve had to fight my trigger finger which wants to instantly purchase it. The reason is that […]

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