For anyone who reads this blog, you’ve likely noticed that I change themes frequently. This is because I use my own blog to field test some of our themes. On deck this time is WriteStuff, a theme for bloggers that we are currently developing. It’s one of many things currently on my ever growing plate. Expect some oddness every now and then, likely to be fixed by the next day.

Phantasm Ravager is Coming to Durham

In the next few days, Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina will be showing Phantasm Ravager and Phantasm Remastered. Both movies will hit theaters and on-demand video on Friday, October 7th. WellGo Entertainment has posted trailers for both the first and the last films in the series. Phantasm Remastered Phantasm Remastered is the 4k restored version from JJ Abrams. Yes, the guy who relaunched Star Wars and Star Trek, and brought to life giant destructive terribleness in Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Facebook reminded me of a Walmart moment

As any Facebook user knows, the site likes to remind you of things you posted in the past. This way, you can share something you already said once before, and essentially repeat yourself forever. This post was from 2014. It was during a late night trip to Walmart, back before I decided I was done with their nonsense. Went to Walmart tonight.

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