Learning to trade on the stock market

I’ve recently started a new adventure in my life, day and swing trading in the vast ocean of crazy known as the stock market. With a bit of help, self-directed learning, and commission-free trading, I’m attempting to reach a personal goal. And no, it’s not a private jet and a yacht.

Boost Mobile’s “thank you” was to credit the wrong phone

I’ve been using Boost Mobile for several years, all the way back to that awesome looking Sanyo flip phone that had the mirrored surface. I still have it around here somewhere. It is one of the several phones I have with Boost Mobile which I no longer use due to upgrading. I went from the Sanyo to the first Samsung Galaxy Prevail model. A couple years later I upgraded to the Nokia Windows Phone, then about a month later to the Sharp Aquos.

Seven things I found on Amazon that I need to buy (and one on Ebay)

Like a lot of people, I do a ton of my shopping on Amazon. One of my favorite things to do is look for random products. Sometimes I do this by searching for whatever pops in my head but other times Amazon either recommends it to me on the homepage or through related products. As many people¬†know, I’m a big fan of horror movies. More than that, I have a collection of thousands of movies that I’ve obtained over the years, either on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital download.

My Current TV Dilemma – Searching for a TV Provider

It’s time to find a new TV service provider. Like most people, we watch only a small fraction of the channels that come in television packages. Because of this, streaming providers like SlingTV and PlayStation Vue are primarily what I’ve been looking at. Unfortunately, most of the providers — cable and satellite included — don’t meet my needs at a price that makes sense for me. As I mentioned previously, there are only a few channels we actually watch.

Is this the Dawn of Real a la carte TV?

Last month Disney made the announcement that they were planning to remove their content from Netflix and create their own video streaming service. This prompted a lot of feedback all over the web, from happiness to annoyance. On one hand, Netflix members will be losing a lot of popular content and have to subscribe to one more streaming service. On the other hand, all of that lost content will be added to a vast library of existing content that has never been on Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming provider. My initial thought on this matter was that Disney wasn’t […]