The Walking Dead is going to kill Rick Grimes

Update: Having watched the midseason finale, all of the signs of Ricks’s death now make more sense, and they aren’t signaling Rick’s death, but someone else. I’ll give you a hint, if you haven’t seen it yet: lots of people will be really freaking happy. If you watched last night’s Season 8 premiere of the Walking Dead, you were likely confused by a lot of the back and forth flashback/flashforward that was going on. We see Rick in various states of being, one of which is clearly in some kind of serious distress. This all happened around the scenes of […]

Digital HD vs a DVD with Digital HD included

So I’m trying to wrap my head around this and so far, have not been able to. I’m a fan of the Alien series and now that Alien: Covenant is available on Digital HD via Vudu and Amazon, I’ve had to fight my trigger finger which wants to instantly purchase it. The reason is that the DVD version, which comes with the Digital HD copy, is cheaper. That makes very little sense. Let’s look at the difference between standalone Digital HD and DVDs with Digital HD Included Since I’m interested in Alien: Covenant, we’ll use it in the following breakdown. […]

Phantasm Ravager is Coming to Durham

In the next few days, Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina will be showing Phantasm Ravager and Phantasm Remastered. Both movies will hit theaters and on-demand video on Friday, October 7th. WellGo Entertainment has posted trailers for both the first and the last films in the series. Phantasm Remastered Phantasm Remastered is the 4k restored version from JJ Abrams. Yes, the guy who relaunched Star Wars and Star Trek, and brought to life giant destructive terribleness in Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane.