It’s time to update to Windows 10 – Download it here

Tonight is the night that Microsoft drops Windows 10 on the world. The update comes behind one of the most controversial entries in their Operating System series, one which redefined various aspects of the experience. Like most changes, people didn’t take well to it. I myself wasn’t a big fan of the Start menu screen until one day it occurred to me that it’s really just a better organized and much larger version of the regular Start menu we’re all used to. After that, I loved it.

Back to Windows Phone

I’ve finally had enough of my Sharp Aquos Crystal Android phone. The inability to type messages finally got to me a few days ago so I made the switch back to my Windows Phone. I started to think the issue might be an app, a combination of apps, or something similar, so I wiped the phone out and set it back to factory defaults. Clearly, that was not the issue, but rather the phone itself is. Based on my TV, Sharp has served me well.

CPanel backup to cloud services is a feature we need and deserve

A feature request on the website is asking for the control panel maker to implement a very useful addition to it’s already heavy arsenal. Almost a year ago, a customer named rclemings posted “Backup to Google Drive/Dropbox: Option to send cPanel backups to Google Drive (and Dropbox too?) as well as S3.” Since then, 117 other people have up voted this request. It would be nice if CPanel would hurry up and take this request seriously. This feature would be hugely beneficial to their customers.

Sharp Aquos Crystal Android phone from Boostmoble is less than expected

A few months ago I was in search of a new cell phone. I had recently gone through a several month long battle with Sprint over a defective phone and billing issues. This nightmare (which I may one day post about, complete with chat logs), consisted of what is honestly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It was incredible, to say the least. I decided to go back to Boostmobile, which actually uses the Sprint network but doesn’t come with the Sprint horror show.