Why stores need to stop moving items to “in-store only” during virus pandemic

As you are more than well aware of, the world is currently turning into a basket of crazy while a viral plague of apocalyptic proportions ravages our populations, sweeping through nations and leaving empty cities in its wake. OK, it isn’t that bad but it is a lot more serious than our mainstream media led people to believe for the first couple of months of 2020. Fortunately, the Internet provides access to more news and opinions than our televisions do, so while our major news outlets and pundits were laughing at people worrying, saying the flu is worse, I was […]

Doing some theme testing

If you visit this blog more often than I do, you likely have noticed that it now looks pretty different. I’m testing a theme that is currently in the development processes and decided to throw it up here to get a more realistic look at it in a non-dev setup. The purpose of the theme is to act as a basic groundwork for child themes, but can also be used on its own. As we have seen in the WordPress world, some themes that are built to be parents of child themes look great, if this was 2007. It is […]