PCTechMag.com writes a flawed article for WordPress users, and they are OK with that

PCTechMag.com recently wrote a blog post that provides a few tips on selecting good WordPress plugins. I read through the article and, upon realizing it had flaws, pointed them out in the comments. Rather than use the information to fix the article, PCTechMag.com decided to ignore the comment. Twice. Here is the comment, outlining the issues they have in their article: This article has a variety of problems.

Which WordPress caching plugin performs best for you?

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more sites I’ve worked with are using WP Rocket. For those who don’t know, WP Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress. It is a commercial plugin, so you do have to pay for it, but it aims to take remove the complexities that other caching plugins carry (I’m assuming they are about W3 Total Cache). I myself am a W3 Total Cache user. I’ve seen it reduce the load time of websites significantly, so it’s certainly one of those plugins I recommend and use.

Developing ACWP Core

A while back (a while being a few years), I began working on a WordPress theme called Evans. Evans is a premium magazine style WordPress theme that I created with the intent of sticking on Themeforest. That never happened, and for good reason, as Evans was essentially a collection of everything I could think of, wrapped up in a cluster of weirdness. The structure made no sense, functions were hard to find, and some features just didn’t work. When you can’t find your way through your own work, there’s a problem.