I’m a web developer in Asheboro, North Carolina. I started the company Asheboro Creative, a web design and development outfit that provides custom built websites. I’ve been developing websites and web applications for more than 10 years, starting with the now forgotten Visual Page from Symantec.

Over the past few years, I have put more focus on WordPress. I’m from the era when WordPress didn’t exist, and in fact I used to use the software that WordPress was forked from (b2/cafelog for those who don’t remember). Back then, WordPress was nothing like it is today. In fact, by today’s standards, it was about as exciting as watching grass grow. That all changed and now we have a feature-rich content management system that is capable of doing amazing things.

But this isn’t about WordPress, it’s about me.

I set up this site as a personal blog where I can talk about things related to my interests, my work and various things in between. I’ll likely talk about things that go on with Asheboro Creative and Amuga Themes, but for the bulk of the information, you’ll be better off hitting those two sites for their news. If you’re looking for a web developer, hit Asheboro Creative. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme or help with one of our themes, hit Amuga Themes.

Anyway, stop reading this and go read the rest of the blog. That’s what it’s there for.