Windows 10 – Day 2 – Playing with Cortana

“Hey Cortana! Set a reminder for me.”

Cortana: “What’s your reminder?”

Me: “Remind me to update my blog.”

Cortana: “When would you like to be reminded?”

Me: “7 o’clock tonight”

Cortana: “Sure thing. I can remind you to update my blog at 7:00 PM tonight. Sound good?”

Me: “Yes.”

Cortana: “Great.”

Windows 10 – Day 1 – Initial Reaction

This is the start of a blog series on the latest operating system from Microsoft. Today is the first day I’ve used it, so keep following my daily updates on what happens on my adventure into Windows 10. Today is a big day for tech bloggers. Microsoft just released Windows 10 as a freeĀ upgrade to […]