Apparently Windows 10 has no warning system

I’ve been writing code for the last 12+ hours. With a couple dozen tabs open in my browser, another 15 or so open in Notepad++, WinSCP connected to the server, and Crashplan continuing a file backup, I was quite busy. Note the word was. I had my hand off the mouse for a couple of minutes while I pulled up the movie U-571 on Crackle when it happened. My screen went black for a few seconds before showing the Toshiba splash screen, followed by a message notifying me that Windows was updating.

Windows 10 – Day 3 – Multiple Desktops, Edge, Bing, and Power Settings

Last night I sat down to work on our services model. Typically when I get into business related tasks, I get very heavily involved with what I’m doing. My focus is usually stuck on what I’m doing so time flies by without me noticing. I started using the multiple desktops feature in Windows 10 so I could better separate the different tasks I might be handling at a time. Since I can sometimes end up with more than half a dozen applications open along with several dozen tabs in Chrome, things can get a bit cluttered.

Windows Feedback – How likely are you to recommend Windows 10?

One of the features that have been added to Windows 10 is the Windows Feedback notification. It’s Microsoft’s way of trying to find out more about what you think of their product, and how they can improve. Some people might find this annoying, but so far it has been pretty unobtrusive. The most recent question it asked was hidden in the Notification list, which is also a newish feature (it’s the Action Center, but now with more kick). Microsoft asks: “How likely are you to recommend Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?”

Windows 10 – Day 1 – Initial Reaction

This is the start of a blog series on the latest operating system from Microsoft. Today is the first day I’ve used it, so keep following my daily updates on what happens on my adventure into Windows 10. Today is a big day for tech bloggers. Microsoft just released Windows 10 as a free upgrade to owners of either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 operating system. If you haven’t yet upgraded, you can do so by visiting Windows Update, or by downloading the upgrade directly from Microsoft.

It’s time to update to Windows 10 – Download it here

Tonight is the night that Microsoft drops Windows 10 on the world. The update comes behind one of the most controversial entries in their Operating System series, one which redefined various aspects of the experience. Like most changes, people didn’t take well to it. I myself wasn’t a big fan of the Start menu screen until one day it occurred to me that it’s really just a better organized and much larger version of the regular Start menu we’re all used to. After that, I loved it.