By now everyone knows what happened when Neegan showed up in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Or more so, that we have no idea who was killed. The scene was built up for months and when it finally came down to it, nothing happened. This caused two things to happen.

First, tons of people flipped out. They started complaining as if this somehow ruined their lives. They felt like they were owed an ending. I can understand this to an extent, but like many people who complain about Phantasm 5 being delayed, some have gotten a bit stupid with it.

The second is the speculation of who was killed. This is where the real fun has happened. People have been analysing the life out of that scene. People claim to know who Neegan because of the shadows in the scene, or how many footsteps he took. He started from this position and looked in that direction so this is who he killed.

Seriously, none of that matters. In fact, some of it would make the kill so obvious that the producers would have already considered it. As they’ve already mentioned, you won’t know who did it. You can guess and some people will be right, but not for the correct reasons.

To make sure people don’t know who it was, they went a step further than you would expect. reports that when it came time to create the scene, they even filmed everyone being killed. That would help prevent a leak because everyone died. Tweets exposing a character death wouldn’t prove anything other than it came from the mass murder scene.

Rick and Carl

Out of everyone who was involved in the scene, Rick and Carl are the only ones who have any type of safety net. In the last scene, Neegan tells one of his guys that if anyone says anything, he should cut out Carl’s good eye and feed it to Rick. OK, as horrible as that is, that doesn’t actually save either one of them from Lucile, the barbwire wrapped bat Neegan uses as a weapon.

He could still kill Carl or Rick. The eye scene would just be that much worse. It would actually be interesting if it was actually Rick. He is the leader of the group after all. And if not, killing Carl would certainly destroy Rick while simultaneously making everyone fear what Neegan is capable of.

It would also make lots of people around the world happy because…well, it’s Carl. He’s kind of annoying.

Who Did Neegan Kill?

While we won’t find out until season 7 starts — and it’s promised to be an extremely dark episode — we can speculate. Personally, I base my speculation on the death effect itself, not on anything from the scene.

I’m guessing it’s one of these four:


Glenn has been around since the first episode (at least his voice has). It may be his time to call it quits.
Glenn has been around since the first episode (at least his voice has). It may be his time to call it quits.

This was his death scene in the comic. However, they’ve frequently mixed up character events so we know that it doesn’t have to be Glenn. But, that’s why it would be a really good idea to be Glenn. We wouldn’t expect it as much now. Plus, it would be one more super bad thing to happen to Maggie. She had to watch her dad catch a sword to the neck, followed by getting separated from her sister Beth, only to be reunited only minutes after Beth had her head blown off. Seeing her husband get killed next would probably push her over the edge to suicide. We would lose two major characters within a couple episodes (unless she killed herself in the “reveal” episode, adding to the darkness).


Maggie joined the cast in season 2 and has been quite awesome ever since. But awesome does not save you in this show.
Maggie joined the cast in season 2 and has been quite awesome ever since. But awesome does not save you in this show.

Yeah, we’re supposed to find out what is going on with her pregnancy and why she’s having tons of trouble. The best theory is that it’s a stillborn pregnancy and the baby is now a zombie. The fact that I just wrote that sentence shows how crazy The Walking Dead can be. Still, she doesn’t have to be alive for us to find out what happened, and her death would be hugely impactful, especially on Glen.

Sgt. Slaughter/Abraham

Abraham is the epitome of "kick ass". This guy could fight his way through army army, living or dead. That's why he may have to go.
Abraham is the epitome of “kick ass”. This guy could fight his way through any army, living or dead. That’s why he may have to go.

This one is kind of obvious because Abraham won’t back down from this guy unless he is forced. He’s basically The Juggernaut from Marvel. He stops when he wants to stop. Neegan has to see that this guy is going to be a major problem for him. Killing him now would make sense tactically.


Since season 3 we've seen that Michone is supremely bad ass. But can she and her signature sword survive Neegan?
Since season 3 we’ve seen that Michone is supremely bad ass. But can she and her signature sword survive into the next season?

I base this purely on the fact that Rick has become the Steven Seagal of this show. By that, I mean women who get close to him are inevitably killed. How many Steven Seagal movies feature his wife or girlfriend being murdered? This is the same with Rick. First, it was Laurie. I think we can all agree that this was necessary because Laurie was horrible. Next, Jessie gets killed with her idiot sons. This was made much worse by the flashbacks of various moments between her and Rick.

Seriously, Jessie was awesome and becoming a stronger character, especially after she attacked the intruder.

Besides this, you probably want to kill the one person carrying a sword. You have to expect that this is someone not to mess with.

Why I don’t think it’s Daryl

Daryl is the one that a lot of people jump to. There is very good reason. For one, he’s pretty badass. Also, he got shot. However, the fact that he got shot is why I don’t think it was him. Why shoot him, badly wounding him, and then kill him later? It wouldn’t be the right thing for Neegan to do. He would be wasting the chance to remove a strong, impactful character. Daryl is both of those but at the moment, he’s very hurt and weak.

Plus, legions of fans would revolt and probably destroy the AMC headquarters.

Daryl has to go out in a more epic way, such as being eaten by a zombie shark while riding on the back of a mutant dinosaur with explosives strapped to him, all to save the last remaining orphanage.

Make that happen AMC.

No matter who they kill off, it will surely suck. Unless it’s Carl. Eugene is also probably one of the most expendable characters, as is Rosita and Sasha (especially after having distanced herself from the group so much). However, Eugene, Rosita, and Sasha are likely safe because it wouldn’t be as much of an impact. Abraham would be the better strategic choice while killing off Maggie, Glenn, Michone, or Daryl would be hell on viewers.

But not Carl. Seriously, just make it Carl.